Tue Jul 8th 2014

Passion Share: Sophie Turcotte


Passion Share: Sophie Turcotte

Who is this again? Sophie is in charge of Talent Relations here at redpepper.

What is Sophie’s passion? Photography! More specifically, film photography.

Tell us a little more! Sophie took up photography in college and has loved it ever since. She wants to one day have her own darkroom, but in the meantime check out some of the photos she’s taken here.

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Thu May 23rd 2013

HueDown: Our Celebration of Spring

redpepper HUE Down Video from redpepper on Vimeo.

About a month ago we celebrated Spring in a big way, with a color fight. It was our take on the latest trend of color run events sweeping across america. We called it HueDown and we played up the fact that it was "all the color, no run necessary".

Hope you enjoy the video and the photos we shared on Facebook. Maybe we’ll see you next spring at our second annual HueDown.


Wed Jun 20th 2012

CreateAthon 2012: Open for Entries

A place where creativity thrives and benefits others. This is how we most often describe redpepper. Not only do we believe that everyone is uniquely creative, but we also believe that we can use this creativity to solve business and worldly problems. There’s no better example of putting that mantra to work than through our own hosting of CreateAthon each September.

Now hopefully if you’ve spent any time around redpepper, you’re familiar with CreateAthon, but, if not, make sure to check out the 2011 experience here. CreateAthon is a magical time here at redpepper. One when we close up the regular shop in order to spend 24, ahem, more like 36 solid hours donating our time, talents and marketing services to give back to area underdog nonprofits. There’s no time for anything else during these hours, not even sleep! Only dedication to seeing these deserving nonprofits succeed. And we love every second of it.

That’s why it makes us happy to announce that the 6th Annual CreateAthon event is set for September 20-21, 2012. Better yet, we’re now accepting applications from local nonprofits to become one of the CreateAthon clients this year. To apply, visit our Facebook page, here. But hurry, applications are due by July 6th.

Over the years redpepper has donated more than $450,000 worth of services to help more than 30 non-profits share their stories and effectively market their organizations, enabling them to raise contributions and community support. In efforts to further grow our impact and effectiveness, we are also increasing the muscle behind our own Land of Cause fund. CreateAthon is Land of Cause’s largest event, but after (and before) September, LOC continues the work to raise funds and create marketing tools for deserving nonprofits.

We admit that we have a few superheroes of our own, but we couldn’t have CreateAthon without a full community of superheroes. That includes you. If you’d like to help out by donating supplies (i.e. paper, printing, media space, food, extra hands) for our creative blitz this year, please contact Joni at redpepperland dot com. For any other questions regarding CreateAthon, feel free to give Caroline (at redpepperland dot com) a shout.

Wed Nov 2nd 2011

Seek Growth

Seek Growth

We take growth quite seriously around here, but even we sometimes overlook its importance.

Because it’s not easy to talk about growth without sounding like an eye-roll-inducing motivational poster. Along with other terms like “success” and “inspiration,” growth has become one of those words. Words that once held incredible clout but have become lost in the fog of overuse and misconception. Words that, today, feel as bland as the waiting room decor that often surrounds them. 

Fortunately, while the word “growth” may have lost some of its power, the experience of growth has not. 

Which is exactly why we decided to create a film about it. 

Thu Mar 3rd 2011

Why Oscar hates Superman

Our public school system is broken. This the simple idea film maker Davis Guggenheim was selling in his most recent documentary film “Waiting for Superman,” “Superman” for short, which didn’t win the Oscar. In fact, it wasn’t even nominated.