Fri Aug 5th 2011

Where to find your brand voice

“Social media.”

It’s the new buzzword. Everybody’s doing it.

But, while we’re all racing to be part of the next big thing, it’s easy to overlook a quieter way in which social media can prove extremely valuable: finding your brand’s voice. 

Two years ago, redpepper created the MyKirkland’s community site in order to strengthen the relationship between the Kirkland’s brand and its followers. With 6,000 members in the first month alone and more than 150,000 members to date, the bustling site is certainly serving its purpose. (Not to mention attracting quite a few new fans.) 

But MyKirkland’s has also proven valuable in a way that isn’t as immediately obvious. It has provided a front-row view into how our audience talks, thinks and acts. It has helped us understand what they care about and even what they don’t. In my notebook, these insights are worth more than any dollar amount. 

Let me back up. 

Tue May 3rd 2011

The Social of Media - How an Idea to Generate 200K Fans in 28 Days Becomes Reality

The Concept & Strategy

Two and a half months ago, a small creative team started our concept and strategy session for Kirkland’s Q1 Facebook Promo. The goal of the promo was to generate 200,000 new fans in 28 days for Kirkland’s Facebook fan page. If you can imagine, more than seven people in a room yelling out ideas on top of each other back-to-back. One-after-one, we sliced and diced ideas that were too crazy and ideas that weren’t crazy enough. At redpepper, we like to be as edgy as our clients allow and test the demographics of our client’s consumer base as much as possible.

Wed Apr 20th 2011

Cha—-ching! Social Media Success

On April 18th, 2011, Kirkland’s appeared at the top of Media Logic’s top 10 list of fastest growing brands on Facebook for the week of April 10th.

Fri Feb 11th 2011

Kirkland’s - Cha—-Ching! Ident

Client: Kirkland’s

Project: Cha—-Ching! Ident

Objective: Create a visual language for Kirkland’s Spring Facebook promotion, Cha-Ching!

Result: Referencing terminal flipboard and analog alarm clock lettering, we created a textual counter.

Mon Nov 29th 2010


The DP was gracious enough to work weekends to get this cut so that followers of rp could learn how to make their own Merry the Gift Fairy campaign.

Tue Nov 23rd 2010

A Gift List Takeover.

Real shoppers caught on video being surprised with a FREE Christmas shopping spree from Kirkland’s and Merry the Gift Fairy, all part of our newest campaign

There’s something about Merry - People relate to characters and other people more than they do an ambiguous brand.

Mon Nov 22nd 2010

A shopping song you can pass along.

Kirkland’s newest spokes person (Merry the Gift Fairy) recently spent three days surprising unsuspecting Kirkland’s shoppers with a one-hour, $1000 holiday shopping spree. When we took her into the recording studio just the other day, she surprised us all with a rousing rendition of an original song penned specifically for stressed-out shoppers.

Wed Nov 17th 2010

Merrymake Someone’s Day

The gifting season is among us with the holidays just around the corner. This can often be a time of excitement and wonder mixed with a sprinkle of anxiety (think long lines, time with your crazy family, etc.) We are often reminded that the season is about giving and that no matter what you give it really is the thought that counts. But over time, has this phrase lost its meaning?  

Thu Jul 1st 2010

Hostess Celebration

Winning couldn’t be easier – shoppers simply asked their Kirkland’s associate for a free You Win game piece. Everyone won something, including prizes such as gift cards and discounts as part of the $25,000 instant win prize package.

Thu Apr 1st 2010

Gift Genius

Gift Genius store associates were introduced as gift connoisseurs who are highly-trained to help you find that perfect gift for whomever is on your list. 

Fri Jan 1st 2010

Finders Keepers


Think you have an eye for décor? How about an eye for more? This is the question we posed to the MyKirkland’s community with Finders Keepers.

Fri Jan 1st 2010

Community Challenge

The Kirkland’s Designers take turns creating unique photo challenges for the community members. The Designer then reviews all the photos and selects their top pick to award a $200 Kirkland’s gift card.

Tue Dec 1st 2009

Holiday Dazzle

The Holiday Dazzle Photo Contest was a way for community members to share how they had decorated for the holidays. Members were asked to upload a photo of their home decorated for the Fall or Winter seasons with Kirkland’s merchandise. 

Tue Oct 13th 2009

Décor for Four

Just as the name implies, this promotion awarded not one, but four lovely ladies with complete room makeovers. All you had to do was sign up with three of your friends to be eligible to win $10K in Kirkland’s merchandise and a designer to help makeover a room in their house.

Thu Oct 1st 2009

MyKirkland’s Designers

The MyKirkand’s Designers serve as the voice of Kirkland’s on the community site – sharing quick tips, reviewing Kirkland’s products and starting discussions.

These were the five original MyKirkland’s Designers as voted on by the community. To see the latest MyKirkland’s Designers, view “Designer Refresh.”