Sat Aug 27th 2011

Everyone is Uniquely Creative - Paper Cut Poster


Recently, our company did some remodeling and we decided to decorate with posters of our Core Values. Our 5 core values are… 1. We believe everyone is uniquely creative. 2. We love what we do or we won’t do it at all. 3. We actively promote personal growth. 4.We provide creativity with provable benefits. 5. If we aren’t changing we’re dying.

There were five designers that wanted to design a poster. We (the designers) get excited when we hear the words “creative freedom”. To be fair we drew numbers to randomly choose the core value we would work on. I got “We believe everyone is uniquely creative” which is one of my favorites so I was ready to create something cool.

I wanted something that was definitely unique. So, I designed a poster that would be laser cut. When I sent my design to our vendor, I was happy to find out that my print/cut was going to cost less than a pair of designer jeans (that’s how the girls in our office decide if something is expensive or not). Our contact did email some concerns overmy thin lines not holding up - so, I made revisions and sent it back.

Again, I received a message saying they still had concerns over some of the cursive type and the lines not holding up.  I understand that vendors have to cover their own a$$ here but I didn’t want to keep diluting my original design.

I sent an email back and said “Hey we all have to try things that we haven’t done b/f and sometimes we have to push boundaries to make something really good.” I pushed them to move forward with my design and I was very happy when we received the poster a couple days later. It looks cool hanging in a frame with glass but no back so the background is the actual wall and it creates great shadows on the wall.