Thu Jun 23rd 2011

Hair it is - your brand

Expensive, good haircuts. Love ‘em. Hate to spend the money. Or do we? We are willing to spend money on quality services that matter to us, and good haircuts simply matter. A lot. So why do they matter so much? Because if you look at a person as a brand, hair would be the equivalent to the logo. It’s the marquee visual element that people notice first. It says a lot about your brand. We take great care that it’s sayin’ what we want it to say.

We go to great lengths to care for our personal brands. Sticking with the hair angle here - we buy expensive shampoo and conditioners to nourish it. We finesse it every which way with any number of hair products designed to position the hair in just the right way. We invest in tools to curl it, straighten it, dry it, crimp it and cut it because we want it to be flexible to match the mood and style of the day. And finally, we feel proud when someone compliments us on our hair - or our brand.

Marketers should take as much care to nourish, finesse, invest and feel pride in their brand. And be willing to spend money on a good, expensive ‘stylist’! It’s worth the investment.