Thu Jun 16th 2011

mom: liability or asset?

Is being a mom a liability when it comes to your job? 

I (the one on the left) often asked myself this very question as I was pregnant with my son - wondering if I’d still be able to keep up my pace at work while adding a whole new job to my already full life. 

I still haven’t been able to answer this question for myself, but ran across an article recently by a female Creative Director at a little agency called CP&B who handles the Old Navy account. You may have heard of them.

Her take on the matter is that “having a fulfilled life can only help our work.” She recalls an example of a mom she works with who she gives credit for being an even better creative since her mommyhood: “When she’s at work now, she’s highly focused and doesn’t waste time; her ideas come more quickly and, importantly, her leadership skills are more fine-tuned.”

As it turns out, being a mom can actually be an asset for your working life, not a liability at all. At CP&B, the creative team for the Old Navy account just happens to be mostly women. Fancy that!

Everyone might not agree with this view point, but I sure do appreciate this perspective.