Mon Apr 16th 2012

A poster, 100 business cards and a flipbook. All in one.

100 IDS from Silvio Teixeira on Vimeo.

They are many ways to brand yourself as a creative. Many are overwhelmed by the options and the fact that it’s quite difficult to set yourself apart or truly illustrate the extent of your creativity and talent with the minimal real estate of a business card or promo booklet.

Designer Silvio Teixeira created one of the most unique self promotions I’ve seen in a while by creating a multi-functioning self promotion. Viewers receive a large poster with interesting illustrations and designs with his logo interpreted in multiple ways. Instructions found on the back let you know that if you cut the poster, you would have 100 individual business cards and that when placed in order it goes further to create a classic flip-book animation. While I did wonder if whether many of the recipients would actually follow through with the instructions and give the time to cutting the poster, I then thought that his desired audience are those that would likely do so. And those that perhaps feel less confident with an X-acto knife can see the full execution and thought behind it with the incredibly well produced video he created above.  It’s dynamic and smart, showcasing multiple talents in one seemingly simple sheet.

Kudos Silvio. Kudos.