Mon Jan 2nd 2012

2012, Day 1: Planning, Learning, Growing.

Here’s a look at our first day back at the office in 2012. Apart from this simple exercise of planning our projects for the year (no big deal), we all decided to learn something new – one idea per person – by watching TED talks. It’s one of our favorite ways to grow and get inspired, and we thought we’d share our discoveries with you. With ideas about everything from public pranks to brain mapping, there’s hopefully something in here that inspires you, too.

A true story does not mean the complete story. Learn more

It takes radical collaboration to rebuild a person (including senior citizens who have wisdom). Learn more 

We can find massive purposes in what may initially seem to be the unimportant details. Learn more

Our “Psychological Immune System” chooses to be happy (synthetic happiness) when our options are limited or irreversible. Learn more

Happiness comes from knowing what your strengths are, using this knowledge to craft a life that uses your strengths as much as possible and using your highest strengths for a cause or something that is bigger than you. Learn more

Random (positive) acts of absurdity can create memorable human connections. Learn more

The right side of our brain doesn’t technically have a voice like the left side, so it takes discipline and concentration to see what it is saying. Learn more

DON’T WAIT -  to grow your relationships and be a great parent. Learn more

By nurturing the entrepreneur spirit that some children have we can create a generation of innovative thinkers. Learn more

Challenges/ obstacles either stop us in our tracks or force us to get creative, igniting our imagination for what’s possible in our lives and work. Learn more

Vulnerability is the core of shame, fear and feeling that you are not worthy but vulnerability is also the birth place of joy, creativity, of belonging and love. Learn more

As soon as you put something at the center of your universe, everything else will be affected. Good or bad, it’s all connected. Learn more

Simple solutions often trump flashier, more expensive ones when it comes to marketing.  Learn more

You can use your passion, no matter what it is, to change the world and make a difference (even if your passion and the issue seem unrelated). Learn more

Be genuine. It’s ok to not have control of your message, and don’t always take yourself so serious. Learn more

You can do little things daily no matter how small that can make a big impact on your future. Learn more