Fri Dec 23rd 2011

Trusted Client Relationships Lead to Handmade Holiday Fun

We’ve been working with Averitt Express for many years, creating a strong identity system that communicates their reputable performance as the logistics service provider of choice, In and Out of the South. As we’ve developed our relationship, redpepper has successfully enhanced Averitt’s image as the single-source solution for all transportation and logistics challenges. Although we stick diligently to the style guide throughout the year, the Christmas season brings a unique challenge that allows some extra room for new creative ideas. redpepper is granted the opportunity to design the Holiday e-card to send to all associates and clients.

Past ideas such as song honkin’ trucks and interactive snow globes have been very successful and enjoyed immensely by all. As we began concepting the 2011 card, we knew we wanted to up our previous work and do something completely different through creative thinking and smart design. A team of three designers came together to explore various solutions and plan three exciting directions. At the mention of stop motion animation, we all knew that was a really fresh solution for Averitt. After they chose their favorite concept, the excitement spread and continued steady as we storyboarded the activity at the Averitt & Averitt Air North Pole. It was decided that everything would be illustrated in 3D, but hand made with paper. Hours upon hours later, the set was made and the animation was shot, frame by single frame.

This project was an incredible exercise for the redpepper team in trying something new and an excellent example of how our positive relationship with Averitt makes them comfortable with new ideas as well as new means of executing them. They trust us to successfully meet all objectives, and that instills great confidence in our team. In only a few weeks, the Holiday cards have already achieved over 11,000 views and garnered praise from the client and all they’ve shared it with.

Check out the videos for Averitt and Averitt Air, as well as the Behind the Scenes sneak peek. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!