Wed Nov 2nd 2011

Seek Growth

Seek Growth

We take growth quite seriously around here, but even we sometimes overlook its importance.

Because it’s not easy to talk about growth without sounding like an eye-roll-inducing motivational poster. Along with other terms like “success” and “inspiration,” growth has become one of those words. Words that once held incredible clout but have become lost in the fog of overuse and misconception. Words that, today, feel as bland as the waiting room decor that often surrounds them. 

Fortunately, while the word “growth” may have lost some of its power, the experience of growth has not. 

Which is exactly why we decided to create a film about it. 

With our trusty Canons in hand, we set out to capture growth in its purest form. Our hope? To polish away the tarnish of familiarity and remind ourselves, and others, of just how important growth really is. 

“Seek Growth” is a short film featuring a person who doesn’t just talk about growth, but lives it. 

Richard Baker, a.k.a Triswami, is not in advertising. He’s never created a campaign, pulled together a media buy, or sold millions of anything. What he has done is finished four Ironman triathlons, competed professionally in countless other triathlons, and even climbed a mountain or two. In other words, he’s constantly pushing himself and those around him to do something today that couldn’t be done yesterday. Richard is a living example of growth that we can all learn from.

Take a look for yourself. 

Hopefully you’ll never see (or not see) growth the same way again.