Thu Oct 20th 2011


A few weeks ago we had our Rockstar Day here at redpepper, and all the stars came out for the party… everybody from David Bowie to Cher to Madonna to Fred Durst and beyond. 

Let me just say, I’ve always enjoyed our dress up days here at redpepper because of the mystery factor. You never know who your coworkers will show up as on the day of the event. And for several weeks leading up to our Rockstar Day, I thought long and hard about who I should be. But, in the end, I went with a former Nashvillian and questionable rockstar - Ke$ha. Yes, that’s actually me in the photo above. 

When that above photo made it onto Ke$ha’s website, I realized that there were quite a few other fans out there that might also enjoy a Ke$ha costume like mine for the upcoming Halloween season. So, that is how I decided to take a break from media buying to dabble in copywriting by creating this tongue-in-cheek Craigslist ad (excerpts below) for my own unique costume…

The title of my ad was “HIGH-QUALITY Ke$ha Halloween Costume MADE IN AMERICA - and below is the ad:

Features of this HIGH-QUALITY costume MADE IN AMERICA include:
-A destroyed Pink Floyd (an English band that copied AMERICAN music) t-shirt that has been partially BEDAZZLED
-Face Paint
-1/2 bottle of Jack Daniels
-toothbrush that’s only been used once before
-homemade LEVI (MADE IN AMERICA) BLUE JEAN shorts with approx. 3.8 lbs of decorative glitter super glued to the surface
-beautiful black, designer skank-tights
-natural blondish-brown wig with gold glitter, 4 ACTUAL PEACOCK feathers, and bacon bits taped inside of it
-AMERICAN flag bandana with Ke$ha’s autograph

People you CANNOT buy a costume like this from China. Only MADE IN AMERICA. People I will tell you now that bedazzling costumes ain’t nearly as easy as it appears on the Nickelodeon infomercial. When you get it in the mail & you are trying to staple the little metal fasteners together, it is so hard unless you have tiny fingers or a small child to do this for you. It would take years for the average adult human to bedazzle an entire t-shirt. But this Ke$ha one will get you started. Also, the face paint is recycled car oil and it could make your face break out for 2-7 weeks after Halloween, but it DOES go away. I recommend applying Noxema and Abreva twice a day until healed. If you have any questions, you can email me at MADEINAMERICAAMERICA at hotmail.

People $10 cash for costume with AMERICAN ID. Or willing to trade for an adult Ewok costume.

My original goal of the ad was to break through the clutter of Craigslist by catching the eye of just one potential buyer (while also hopefully making a few others laugh). Much to my surprise, the listing was quickly picked up by local Twitter peeps, Nashvillest blog and then by Nashville Scene today.

Now with all of these emails coming in, I just have to decide…. What can I sell next?!?