Sun Sep 21st 2014

Passion Share: Cat Garnett


Passion Share: Cat Garnett

Who is this again? Cat is our Communications and Research Director!

What is Cat’s passion? Reading!

Tell us a little more! A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? Click the one above for the full infographic that Cat made about the benefits of reading. .

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Fri Sep 19th 2014

Facebook Cover Photo — Septembeer


The month of September has a lot in common with the classic film, The Notebook. It’s in September that Ryan “sports” Gosling meets up with his true love Rachel “camping” McAdams and together they make sweet “tailgating” love.

So since all that made sense, it should come as no surprise that tailgating was the inspiration behind my September cover photo.

Thu Sep 18th 2014

spring interns—we’re looking for you!

Looking for an amazing Spring Internship in Nashville OR Atlanta? How perfect - we’re looking for you too - full or part time. We’ve got openings for internships in Nashville: Graphic Design, Account Management, Marketing & Research, Studio Group, New Business, LAB, Video. Check out our internship website: for more info on the internships we’re offering and how to send us your info.

Wed Sep 17th 2014

penned by a pepper


A pepper recently penned “Five Ways To Take Advantage of the Extended Back-to-School Season” for MarketingProfs. It centers around how Gen Z has defined new parameters for the back-to-school season and the best ways to utilize the extra time to get on back-to-school lists. Here are the main tips:

  • Focus on the students: Pester power is key—⅓ of parents admit their children “are extremely influential” on household purchases.

  • Use the right media: The tween segment is present on a variety of channels, one of the most prominent being YouTube. Look carefully at your audience to shape your approach to both younger and older Gen Z members.

  • Get them talking—by using the right message: 64.45% of tweens learn about new tech and fashion trends directly from their friends. Take advantage of this and key-in to where Gen Z is most intrigued—by offering experiences and taking into account their visual nature. Bring it up another notch by making the advertising something parents can enjoy too.

  • Explore new shopping seasons: Get into parents’ heads at each stage of the back-to-school season—expensive items are often purchased early, with essentials like pencils and notebooks being purchased closer to the first day of school. In the first few weeks, items like clothing and accessories are purchased as students figure out what’s popular.

  • Set up for a year of success: There’s more than just back-to-school. Start a conversation with your brand that will keep you in a customer’s mind year-round.

Read the whole piece here, and find everything we’ve been writing here.  


Mon Sep 15th 2014

Processing avatars… 37.5% complete


What was your inspiration for these avatars?

I am constantly inspired by the work of Justin Mezzell and Rogie. They are master illustrators and I hope to be that good some day.

How did you go about creating them?

I made mine right after we first started using Slack (if you’re wondering what Slack is, click here!) because I didn’t want to just use a photo of myself. I created them in my free time using Illustrator. After I made a couple other people’s, everyone wanted one. I’ve made about half the company so far.



What is your favorite thing about Slack?

The #random channel. I own that channel. Pug Bombs and Karma Bombs all day.

Thanks for the interview but I gotta go finish up everyone’s avatars!

Mon Sep 15th 2014

Passion Share: Josh Miller


Passion Share: Josh Miller

Who is this again? Josh is on our strategy team here at redpepper!

What is Josh’s passion? Running!

Tell us a little more! Josh was never a big fan of running, but he’s recently been pushing himself to do it more. He’s training for a half marathon and has found not only that he’s grown to love it, but that it’s aided in his focus, grit, determination, and vision both inside and outside of running.

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Thu Sep 11th 2014

redpepper approved: Slack


Today on redpepper approved: Slack

Sat Sep 6th 2014

Passion Share: Matt Reed

photo 1 (1).JPG

Passion Share: Matt Reed

Who is this again? Matt is our Creative Technologist.  

What is Matt’s passion? Finding creative solutions and saving money with a bit of tinkering.

Thu Sep 4th 2014

Nature Calls - Canoeing on the Duck River

For our second summer party, we took the afternoon off to embark on a canoeing adventure to soak up some sunshine and enjoy the great outdoors (and dress up as pirates).

Thu Sep 4th 2014

Penned by a Pepper


A pepper recently penned “Excellent Social Media Networking: Get off your computer and meet people” for Social Media Today. In it, some of the most popular networking apps are explored. Here are the nuggets you need to know:

  • Tinder is top of the line for dating, allowing you to find mutual connections and start a conversation in the app.

  • Badoo is great for dates or just meet-ups with a friend.

  • Meetup is perfect for exploring an interest and finding someone who shares it.

  • LunchMeet is a cool way to utilize your lunch break to make new connections.

  • Networker is for, well…networking.

  • Digital face-to-face facilitation is at a peak—so much so, that businesses are looking to get in the mix and the apps’ creators are loving the opportunity to monetize more.

Read the whole piece here, and find everything we’ve been writing here.  


Tue Sep 2nd 2014

Now Hiring: UX Designer/ Strategist


redpepper (hey, that’s us!) is looking for a UX Designer / Strategist with a killer portfolio of web projects and the ability to concept and solve problems at a high level. We know you’re busy creating, so we’ll jump right into the nitty gritty…. Our ideal candidate has an obvious love for the overall user experience. You should be able to think at a high level, communicate ideas and rationale to clients, anticipate execution issues that may arise, work well with a team, and place a high value on culture. Yeah, you may have heard: we’re keen on culture.  

Fri Aug 22nd 2014

Passion Share: Leslie Jones


Passion Share: Leslie Jones

Who is this again? Leslie is a copywriter here at redpepper!

What is Leslie’s passion? Blogging about delicious Nashville food.

Tell us a little more! Leslie and four friends started a monthly supper club tradition two years ago. They’d dine out together once monthly, trying new restaurants in Nashville. Recently, they decided to blog about their outings — and other food-related experiences near and dear to each of them. Find all the details here, and see all of Leslie’s posts here.

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Thu Aug 14th 2014

The Month of August


When I think back on being in school and the sights and sounds that come with it, I have a few distinct memories. Lisa Frank trapper keepers. Power Ranger lunch boxes. Worrying about who you’re going to sit next to in the school cafeteria. And No. 2 pencils—the sound of the hand-crank pencil sharpener. The woodsy aroma that will always smell like school. The smudges on the palm of your hand from the pencil lead—these are some staples from my childhood.

Tue Aug 12th 2014

redpepper approved: Skillshare


Today on redpepper approved: Skillshare

Who recommended it? Everyone (@redpepper)! A whole group of us at the office are taking classes on it.

What is it? It’s an online community where you can master real-world skills through project-based classes.

Where can you get it? Check out!

Why is it awesome? We had a couple of people around the office chime in:

Sarah (@homegrownative): “Skillshare is great because it pulls in my favorite artists, designers, and creative thinkers and gives me a peek inside of their processes. It’s like being back in school but all of my role models are my professors.”

Tyler (@harveybeardman): “I love Skillshare because skills are shared!”

Lindsey (@otislindsey): “I love that it gives me an easy way to learn from respected artists I already admire, and that I can do it on my own time.”

Jaron (@rjjackson): “To me it supports a core value of redpepper, ‘We actively support personal growth.’ It allows us to take our passions and align them with learning that helps us grow.”

You’ve just read “redpepper approved”, a miniseries where we enlighten you on the cool things people around the office are using and talking about—it’s almost as good as being here yourself (big emphasis on the almost).  Find the whole series here!

Disclaimer: We’re not sponsored by any of the products mentioned here. We just really really love them.

Mon Aug 11th 2014

The month of July


Summer food as a canvas.

You’ve gotten a behind-the-scenes look at June’s cover photo—here’s what we did for July:

For starters, I didn’t want to do an Independence-day-themed cover photo because 96 hours into July it’s already over… I wanted to have a concept that really “encased” July and just summer in general.